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Scanning & Modelling 

Cube provide point cloud laser surveys using state of the art survey equipment. From the RTC360 scanner we produce an accurate 3D scan to BIM model of the existing building/structure in Revit, which we can in turn use to create your proposals.


Point Cloud


Drone Surveys


Laser Measure

Drone Surveys

Cube provide aerial surveys to collect topographical data and high quality imagery using multi-rotor drone technology. We provide a fast, safe and cost effective service for the inspection of any asset. Our drones are fitted with Hasselblad Sensor 20 megapixel camera to capture high resolution digital photography and 4k HDR video imagery.  We are fully insured and only employ the services of drone pilots who are professionally trained, experienced surveyors and CAA licensed to operate drones in the UK.


Recent applications for aerial surveys include land, bridges, large commercial buildings, roof surveys, historic buildings in town centres and high-rise residential apartments.

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