Harley Davidson

Cube’s role:
Project Management and Design Services

Recommended by an associate client

New structure on existing site to house a showroom.  The Client wished to purchase a Harley Davidson franchise, to be situated on his existing site in Cheshire.  A design had already been completed, which exceeded the Client’s budget considerably, placing purchase of the franchise in jeopardy.

Cube was commissioned to rationalise the design and costs, appointing a Contractor who could deliver the works within budget, project managing through to completion.

Cube’s Approach:
The critical element to the project was to work within budget, as failing to do so would mean the Client would fail to secure the franchise.  Cube reviewed the franchise, gaining a thorough understanding of the model, thereby appointing a new Architect and Structural Engineer.  Cube worked closely with the new Consultants to simplify the design of the structure, without compromising quality or elements necessary to the franchise.  Alternative finishes were implemented throughout as part of Cube’s stringent value engineering procedure.

A suitable Contractor was appointed, via tender, and Cube’s tight control and administration resulted in the project being delivered on time and within budget.


"If it wasn’t for the team at Cube I doubt that we would have secured the franchise."