Restoration and Reordering of the Synagogue

Deeper Christian Life/Liverpool City Council

Cube’s role:


Cube were commissioned by both parties to provide advice on the condition, providing a historical appraisal for the restoration and adaptation of the redundant Grade II Greenbank Synagogue. 

The Art Deco Synagogue was constructed with the largest suspended concrete roof back in the 1950’s with barrel-vaulted reinforced concrete ceiling and canopied clerestory supported on concrete girders.

The concrete structure also includes a cantilever ladies gallery.  The joinery features included the fixed bench seating to sides and curved walls, wooden wall-mounted Torah scroll cabinet/Ark and central Bema.  Part of the commission was to consider the proposals and option appraise for the reordering to another religious demoniation and conversion to apartments. 

Part of the proposals were to provide an initial action plan to repair the defects/water ingress, preventing the loss of features.