Expert Witness Report

Private client

Cube’s role:
Expert witness, specialist advice and contract administration


The Client required specialist advice on removal of a substantial coating of cement from the brickwork on a listed building.  This had resulted from an accident by contractors working on the adjacent building.

In addition, Cube was required to produce an Expert Witness Report for use in court during their legal process to recoup costs.

Cube’s approach
Cube made a visual survey of the elevation, using rectified photography technology, producing a finite, to scale record the damage.  These images were used in the tender process for specialist contractors and later in court. 

Cube obtained advice from an appointed specialist contractor, who instigated various trials to ascertain the best method for removal of the concrete.


"The depth, clarity and conciseness of the document produced by Cube made it easy for all parties to understand and certainly helped towards the satisfactory solutions we achieved."