About Us

Why choose Cube?

Cube understands the simple ethics of business: business relationships are based on trust.

Our approach in providing consultancy services embraces our company ethos: ‘fair & square’.

  • Clients like to work with us due to the quality and value of the services we provide.  We believe in providing a personal and individual service to satisfy each Client's requirements.
  • Our approach is cost conscious and considers long-term business relationships in preference to short-term gain.
  • To succeed, we establish and understand a Client's requirements for their business before we advise.  We act with the best intent, even if that means reducing our scope of work.


We always aim to add value to the process, not cost.

Our solutions are innovative:

  • We apply a flexible approach to each individual Client's requirements, creating bespoke property and design solutions.
  • We aim to deliver projects with, minimal disruption, to our Clients' business operations. We do not follow the crowd; we 'think outside the box'.