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Corporate Social Responsibilty

Cube seek to be good corporate participants in all aspects of operations and activities.  Our operating principles serve as a guide to our employees in all aspects of their work for the company. 

The principles cover all areas of the Company’s operations, having been developed with reference to the Company’s relevant policies and best practices.

The policy can be divided into six main areas:

1. Ethical Business Conduct 

2. Policies Specific to Employees 

3. Policies Specific to the Company

4. Fair Employment Practices

5. Workplace Health and Safety

6. Environmental Policy

CSR is an integral part of our strategy.  The implementation and monitoring of the CSR policy is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.  Cube has a policy encouraging staff to donate their time to local causes and will accommodate reasonable requests for time away from the office to engage in community activity.

The Directors carry out a periodic review of the Company’s equal opportunity policy and monitors the effects and application of this policy.

A full copy of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is available upon request.